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Dr Anna Spenceley

Dr Anna Spenceley is a tourism specialist based in South Africa. She is the founder STAND cc , and her affiliations include the following:

1. Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (see below)
2. Member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and the IUCN Species Survival Commission.
3. Senior Research Fellow at the School of Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Johannesburg.
4. Director of the INTASAVE Partnership Trust, a not-for-profit organisation working on tourism and climate change in Africa.
5. Editorial board of the Journal for Sustainable Tourism, the Journal of Educational Travel and also the journal of South African National Parks: Koedoe.

In addition, she was a founding director of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and is an Expert Group member of the Global Partnership on Sustainable Tourism.

Anna is the co-editor of a Special Edition of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, on Tourism and Poverty Reduction (see below). She is also the editor of the book "Responsible Tourism: Critical issues for Conservation and Development" and also co-editor of "Evolution and Innovation in Wildlife Conservation".

STAND cc (Spenceley Tourism and Development) is a consultancy and research company providing a range of innovative solutions in sustainability globally. The company specializes in sustainable tourism, resource economics, business development and research. Led by Dr Anna Spenceley, STAND cc draws upon its pool of experienced associates to undertake programs in:

  • Strategy and policy development
  • Project and program design
  • Training and capacity building
  • Technical advice
  • Payments for ecosystem services
  • Climate proofing businesses
  • Certification and standards
  • Tools and manual development
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Corporate social investment
  • Research

Clients of Dr Spenceley and STAND cc include the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, USAID, UNEP, the Commonwealth Secretariat and SNV.

Anna is Chair of the Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group, which is part of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). The TAPAS Group has six key objectives which are to:

1. Provide strategic advice to governments and others on the optimum approaches to sustainable tourism in protected and natural areas.
2. Strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of protected area managers and policy makers and others in relation to sustainable tourism.
3. Enhance the level of tourism contribution to the goals of protected areas and protected area systems.
4. Enhance the capacity of WCPA, including through co-operative ventures with networks and partners and, in particular IUCN members, and recognize their contributions.
5. Develop and disseminate knowledge on tourism and protected areas, including case studies and best practice syntheses.
6. Provide an interactive forum for individuals working on protected areas and tourism, which allows them to network, communicate, collaborate, and develop partnerships.

For more information on the TAPAS Group, or to get involved in some of its current programs, please review the links below or contact Anna directly.

- Website   
- Membership application 
- Facebook page 
- Wiki 

The papers in this special issue advance our understanding of the changes and potential ways forward in the area of Tourism and Poverty Reduction. The papers included in the edition are as follows:

  • Tourism and poverty reduction: theory and practice in less economically developed countries; Anna Spenceley & Dorothea Meyer
  • Tourism and development at work: 15 years of tourism and poverty reduction within the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation; John Hummel & Rene van der Duim
  • Influenced and influential: the role of tour operators and development organisations in tourism and poverty reduction in Ecuador; Louise Mary Erskine & Dorothea Meyer
  • Blessing or curse? The political economy of tourism development in Tanzania; Fred Nelson
  • Tourism revenue sharing policy at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda: a policy arrangements approach; Wilber Manyisa Ahebwa, Rene van der Duim & Chris Sandbrook
  • The role of tourism employment in poverty reduction and community perceptions of conservation and tourism in southern Africa; Susan Lynne Snyman
  • Tourism and poverty alleviation in Fiji: comparing the impacts of small- and large-scale tourism enterprises; Regina Scheyvens & Matt Russell
  • A critical analysis of tourism, gender and poverty reduction; Hazel Tucker & Brenda Boonabaana
  • Value chain approaches to assessing the impact of tourism on low-income households in developing countries; Jonathan Mitchell
  • Tourism–agriculture linkages in rural South Africa: evidence from the accommodation sector; Christian M. Rogerson
  • Social enterprises in tourism: an exploratory study of operational models and success factors; Janina von der Weppen & Janet Cochrane

- Journal of Sustainable Tourism (JOST)
- JOST special edition direct link

Contact details

Dr Anna Spenceley
STAND cc, PO Box 543, Sonpark, Nelspruit, 1206, South Africa

Telephone +27 (0)72 311 5700
Email: annaspenceley@gmail.com
Skype: annaspenceley
Presentations: www.slideshare.net/AnnaSpenceley
Blog: annaspenceley.wordpress.com
Twitter: @anna_spenceley

Updated: November 2012